by Thing Mt.

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Thing Mt. is 17 yo Henokh Setiawan a.k.a Nokhius from Medan, Indonesia making music in his bedroom, or, experimenting, like he said.

Sycophantasia is his second EP under the moniker Thing Mt. and we're so glad to releasing Sycophantasia because we really love his music. Abit different from his earlier stuff, this EP serves you more lo-fi psych pop stuff blended with jangly dreamy pop.
But still, this is an amazing record. And lstening to Thing Mt. proving us one thing, that Sumatra Island always produce some great musician! From Semakbelukar, ((Auman)) (RIP), Afternoon Talk, and now, please welcome, Thing Mt.!

You'll love this if you're a fan of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Alex Calder, Connan Mockasin, etc.



released April 18, 2015

Henokh Setiawan - Vocal, All Instruments.

'Sycophantasia - EP' was recorded from 11 - 17 April 2015

'Angel Everything', 'The Woodworks' and 'Crystal Meth for the Soul' was recorded at the Chandra Kusuma School auditorium
'It's Valentine's Day For Losers', '[Cry at the same time]' and 'Childlike Malevolence' was recorded at Tired Horse Recording Studio



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Track Name: Angel Everything
blue lights
wherever i go
they chase me
and i cannot escape

send me to your prison
send me to your heart
i have no money, no soul

red lights
wherever i go
i cannot find it
if i do i will chase it

dont bother with me
i know im difficult
but when you bury me
dont hesitate to slip beside me
Track Name: The Woodworks
hey cmon why dont you settle down
now stay still dont you make a sound
theyll hurt us real bad
if we get caught

now take my heart
and guard it with your life
ive done my part
someday youll be my wife
they cant hurt us no more
we'll have each other

and baby you have to hold on
i dont think that it will be long
and baby you have to be strong

hey cmon why dont you kll me
we'll be buried together in the ground
it doesnt get more romantic than that
Track Name: Crystal Meth for the Soul
nothing you say will hold me down
oh nothing

nothing i do will make you smile
oh nothing

nothing we do will ever be good
oh nothing

nothing i do will make you whole again
oh nothing
Track Name: [Cry at the same time]
We need to get away from all of the smoke
We need to find some place where it's just us both

No one will them if we run away
No one will them if we kill ourselves

Now we need to find something to do
After all that we've been through
We won't let this go to waste
After all that we've been through

We need to get away from all of the blood
No one will notice if we disappear

I will not leave you unless you leave me too
But I know you won't

So now I'm going cause you've had enough
I want my own life to screw up
And I'm leaving you behind
I don't have time to be kind
Track Name: Childlke Malevolence
are we still strangers
like how it was
or are we lovers
that's even worse

and my head is getting tired and my feet are so restless
cant find anything to do
ive been waiting for you for days and days
waiting for someone i barely know
Track Name: It's Valentine's Day For Losers
You say you're fine when I say no
I've had enough of your lies
"Thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth"
We were walking around our own walls

Blowing horns for 7 days straight
Singing songs of greed and hate
But there's not enough room for miracles
Because we just don't have the faith
When you were gone I realized

School was better
When I was with you
No one says it but it's true

And I don't know how
To make things right
No one cares but I do

You've got to give me some credit
It's not all by the power of the holy spirit
See don't you get it
I'm your everyday divine derelict

The person I love is an enigma
A martyr of ambiguity
She writes of electric adventures
But dares not to go on any
Darling, go with me

Food was better
Drinks were better
Movies were better when I was with you

TV was better
Books were better
Music was better when I was with you

Sleep was better
Dreams were better
Waking up was better when I was with you

Talking was better
Screaming was better
Fighting was better when I was with you

Hating was better
Anger was better
Greed was better when I was with you